Learning Through Our Story

So how did Christ Our King Community Church come to be?

First Lady Cynthia and I have journeyed in ministry together since the start of our marriage over 33 years ago. Our calling to evangelism and discipleship started with college students at Howard University as full-time staff with Cru, a Christian organization formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ. After moving to NC, serving in several churches and leading our own separate community Bible studies we sensed a common need among people: the need for hope in the midst of the brokenness in their lives. And the need for a community where people could embrace the brokenness in their stories, experience God’s grace and see the beauty of His blessings.

After a full year of praying with a small group prayer team, the vision to plant a church was clearly confirmed. In 2004, with 35 founding members Christ Our King Community Church was started. With the evolution of COKCC one word comes to mind: awe. When we consider the growth of our ministry, it is evident how Christ our King, Lord and author of our story, is transforming our lives as we live, learn, and lead together as a grace filled community.

Where we are headed...

The beauty of grace will never be fully grasped without the knowledge of the truth of how broken and powerless we are without our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His death, burial, resurrection remind us that He did what we could not do. He became the final sacrifice, allowing us to enter into a relationship with our Father. As we walk through each day, loving our neighbor, accepting grace and extending grace, we are showing the world what it looks like when Christ is King in every aspect of our lives from the sanctuary to the business meeting to the dinner table. This is a beautiful thing!

It is our desire to see a community that knows the true identity of Jesus that starts with knowing God’s infallible Word. Not the words that we have seen abbreviated in journals or paraphrased on television, but the Word of God from the holy Bible. Teaching and communicating God’s truth and the timeless nature of the Bible is important to us. The beautiful story of our Holy God and His intentional plan for salvation does not need updates, edits or abbreviations.

As you visit, you will hear and see our passion for living a life where the pulpit meets the pavement. Our prayer is for Christ Our King Community Church to be an empowered army of people regularly showing their faith while serving as dispensers of His grace.

We look forward to meeting you and faithfully serving the King together.

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