Moving from Brokenness to Blessedness


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Experience God's Grace.
Break the bonds of brokenness.
Live a Blessed Life in Christ.

We believe that the original design for humanity is beautiful, perfect and complete. Our past and our present reveals that we are not perfect we are not experiencing life as the creator intended. We all live in the reality of our brokenness. We are hopeful because God reminds us that we can embrace the present and the future. We are blessed.
Why? Because we are a people being renewed, revived and restored.

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The Word of God is taught in a manner that is candid, clear, culturally relevant and mostly importantly, expositional. Pastor James White, an excellent Bible Teacher, communicator and community leader along with the Teaching Team are committed to upholding our value of being directed by the Word of God.

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What Makes COKCC Special?

Being devoted to one another is what we do. God uses the beauty of this devotion to help move us from brokenness to blessedness. While each member’s experience is different the outcome of a fruitful blessed life is the same.  Here’s how a few of our members of our COKCC family describe their experience in their own words.

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